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Golden Retriever

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8kgs of NZ made premium lamb dog food

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Premium Dog Food

We're like a dog with a bone when it comes to finding the best quality, all-natural ingredients.

Bowl With Food

Personalised plan

We make it easy to feed your canine friend the perfect goodness packed portion every time.


Delivered with ease

We'll deliver your dogs food right when you need it. Update your profile or cancel at any time.

What's in the box?

  1. 8kg bag of food

    Our NZ free range Lamb and Fish Dog Food, grain free, all natural ingredients. Learn more
  2. Personalised menu and cup

    A high quality cup with a label that works as a guide of where to fill the cup up to.
  3. Treats and poop bags (optional)

    You can easily add some NZ made natural treats and some biodegradable poop bags to have all of your necessities arrive at the same time.
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How it works

  1. Create dogs profile

    We'll ask you 8 quick questions about your furry friend.
  2. See their personalised plan

    We'll create a feeding recommendation that's unique to your dog, to help you feed them the perfect portion each day.
  3. Get started

    Subscribe and we'll deliver just the right amount of food to your door, right when you need it. Update your profile or cancel at any time.
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Feed the right amount, every time

A personalised plan for your dog

We'll provide you with a personalised cup and menu to help you feed your dog the perfect portion based on their condition, excercise levels, weight, age and gender.

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100% Satisfaction guarantee

If you're not completely happy with our food after you've completed the recommended transition period, we'll gladly refund you in full.

Premium Ingredients

Grain Free

Grain free


Natural ingredients

Lamb And Fish

Lamb and Fish


High Protein