The health benefits that come with grooming your dog regularly


The health benefits that come with grooming your dog regularly

Wooof, pant, pant, pant, woof, slobber, woof, woof!

Oh dear! My apologies to my fellow four legged fur friends, I forgot that your human is not skilled in the art of pet linguistics. My name is Dexter and I am a 28 year old Golden Retriever (that’s 4 years old in my human’s timeline), and today I am going to explain to you, but more particularly to your human; the importance of grooming us – their fur kids.


My owner, who I like to call Mommy, regularly takes me to visit Sam – my personal groomer. The last time I was with Sam, she explained the importance of grooming me every 2 weeks. It was so informative that I decided to write this post to you, so that you can explain the importance and benefits of grooming to your human family.


For those of you who are still pups; Dog Grooming is the hygienic care and cleaning of us fur babies as well as special attention to our physical appearance – to make us look adorable.


Barking from experience, grooming isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. I feel soooo much better after a visit to my groomer. My improved quality of life and being clean are just two of many good reasons for being groomed. There are very good health reasons why my human has me groomed regularly; so sit, stay, and note the following:


  1. There is a decreased chance of health problems such as dermatitis, scratches (I’ve had a few of those) and other skin problems. 


  1. When I shed, the loose hair can get tangled in my coat and cause matting. If I’m not groomed, the matting can get worse and worse; pulling on my skin and creating painful sore patches (hot spots).  With my friend Lily the Collie, it got so bad that she developed huge sores that became infected with bacteria – her owner didn’t see this because it was under her fur. Thankfully she eventually went to her groomer and they sorted it out, but not before a lot of pain and medical bills. 


  1. My groomer always checks my ears for infections – long haired dogs like me can easily get yeast infections because my ears are dark and damp inside which can lead to hematomas – YELP! By the way, this can also happen if my human gives me too much comfort food. Oh my bones, only a vet can help me release the pressure in my ears.


  1. My feet, pads and toes, are also checked to make sure no foreign objects such as mud, sticks, thorns or grass seeds are stuck in my pads. Trust me, you will howl in pain if this happens. My nails are also kept short and neat to avoid me hurting myself and my humans.


  1. My girl-fur-end (oh my is she just pawfect) gets ingrown hairs in her eyes if they aren’t trimmed correctly, my eyes start watering just thinking about the pain she goes through. She is bark-a-luscious after a groom!!


  1. My humans don’t mind me licking them, however, every now and again my breath starts to smell bad and they push me away. At my next groom, my mommy then gets Sam to clean my teeth – I don’t enjoy it but I feel and smell so much better afterwards and I am allowed to lick faces again. I once had an abscess behind one of my teeth; it was so sore and I didn’t want to eat. My groomer found the problem and asked Mommy to take me to the vet to have the abscess treated immediately. 


  1. Depending on the time of year and my living environment; my groomer often treats me for ticks, fleas and worms. My Mommy can’t stand the thought of me being covered in parasites, scratching, being uncomfortable, developing hot spots and dropping parasites all over the house – yuck!


  1. Sam keeps record of my overall condition and can often pick up if there is anything wrong with me long before my owner does. She always checks for lumps, bumps and underlying scratches and sores. If I’m a little off colour, she also picks up on it – she’s a really good groomer. 


Phew, quite a lot of health and wellness benefits to being groomed!


In addition to the above, my groomer gives Mommy so much good advice on my diet, exercise and keeping my coat and skin looking pristine. The amount of potential vet bills that have been avoided for early detection of various medical problems can’t be measured – but they do get converted into treats – drool!


What’s that? Oh wow, my human is calling me to take her to the beach. Sorry, need to go. Bye!